Cats in Montreal also affected by the new regulation

depositphotos_5832706_originalEver since the new regulation on animal control the discussion has focused mainly on Pitbulls and dogs over 20 kg. However, it should not be forgotten that cats are also greatly affected by it.

In fact, on the first page it states that any animal which is not on a leash, that is not accompanied by a person capable of controlling it and who is not on the land of its owner will be considered a stray animal.

What needs to be understood here is that cats that are used to walk freely around their neighborhood will no longer be able to do so. They will need to be kept on a leash, in fear of being captured and kept in a shelter by the “competent authorities”, who after 72 hours either have the animal adopted or put down. Although, a cat that does not have its medal nor has no microchip and is not sterilized, can be put for adoption after a delay of only 24 hours from when placed in a shelter!

And what will become of the so-called community cats? The City defines them: Cats registered in a capture – sterilization – vaccination – return program, meaning a program aiming to sterilize, mark and vaccinate feral cats, either cats living in a semi – wild state and cannot be confined to an indoor living unit, returning them to the place where they were captured and where at least one person can be their guardian.

Chat errant blessé

It is known that not all Community cats are necessarily registered so they are considered as being stray cats and a nuisance, the regulation stipulates that it is forbidden to feed stray animals or a penalty fine will be given. We can indeed fear the future of the majority of Montreal cats, whether they are stray cats or not.